Does Walgreen’s Sell Stamps?

Does Walgreen’s Sell Stamps?2017-08-08T06:33:44+00:00

Yes, Walgreens does sell stamps. Although Walgreen’s is primarily a pharmacy store, you can buy just about everything. Recently they have started to sell an extensive collection of stamps. The most famous stamp, the USA Forever, can be purchased in denominations of 10 or 20 from most Walgreens locations. Click the following link you’d like to learn of all the locations where to buy stamps.

Walgreens are all over the place as they have over 8000 stores in the United States. Chances of one not being around you will be quite slim. Only open Google maps and search for Walgreens. The furthest Walgreens should be within a short car drives distance.

Brief History of Walgreens

The first Walgreens popped up in the early 1900’s in Chicago. It has rapidly developed and expanded across the country. In 2012 Walgreens opened its 8000th store in Los Angeles. By 2013, Walgreens opened what is potentially the first net zero energy store where they are using wind turbines and solar energy primarily to fuel the store. Finally, 2014 Walgreens merged with Alliance Boots to create an international pharmacy-led health and beauty group.

Over the years they have increased their variety and inventory size to be able to accommodate a vast preference of items. Additionally, they have increased their health programs by creating facilities to have simple health tests done and allow consultations with experts.

Other Features of Walgreens

Walgreens has a large selection of grocery products and many health related products. They also have many baby products. They sell house products ranging from cleaning supplies to light bulbs. For most basic needs Walgreens has it.

Recently they started adding in scanning and printing machines. At some stores, you may bring in pictures and designs to get blown up to a bigger poster size.

Walgreens, like many other chain stores, has a loyalty program and a membership program. Shopping at these stores may give you points for discounts and health related benefits. The membership program offers you a large number of discounts on over the counter medications.

Walgreens also offers customers consultations with medical experts. They perform health tests and give access to pharmacists for consultation. Even if they may not be able to perform everything a doctor’s office/hospital can, they will be able to provide information on who to see or tell you that you do not have to receive intensive treatment for anything.

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Walgreens does not only sell pharmacy products. They have a good selection of food, printing services, and any other miscellaneous items a person may need. If you want to get stamps, simply speak to the any of the cashiers, and they will be happy to supply you with individual stamps or books. While at the store you can get many other things instead of making a trip just for stamps.