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321 : Gauntlet Hair

If you’re in the Colorado mountains and you shout long and loud enough, Gauntlet Hair‘s horizon-hugging anthems will come echoing back at you. Not too much is known about Andy and Craig, but thanks to the power of facts and songs and wishes we can reveal the size of their teenage haircuts and their excellent taste in music.

Gauntlet Hair – Our Scenery [mp3] [Buy]

1. “Andy R. and Craig Nice first fell in love in the halls of Lincoln Way Central high school. We had the most obnoxiously large hair. This drew us together and through this we formed an everlasting bond. We would, like a couple of apes, sift through each others hair during passing periods and pick out the notes, paperclips, and garbage that fellow students stuck in there.”

2. “Our first band was a three piece synth-grind mess. We were 16. It was awesome. We called it Robot Resistance. We will release the tape before we die. Promise. ”

3. “Immediately upon graduating high school we moved into a one bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago. Due to the lack of space, we invested in ‘adult-sized’ bunk-beds. Our girlfriends did not find this to be as entertaining as we did. The back and forth farting rituals kept us cool during the hot summer months.”

1.“Anthony Moore – Judy Get Down. One of the most raw, catchy, 80s tunes ever written. It is the theme to all of our parties.”

A. More (Anthony Moore) – Judy Get Down [mp3] [Buy]

2.Jem Targal - I Call Your Name. We came across Jem through one of Craig’s strangest friends. Craig played it for me soon after. We fell in love. His album ‘Luckey Guy’ saved us from the musical redundancy we were experiencing in Chicago.”

Jem Targal – I Call Your Name [mp3] [Buy]

For people to appreciate our music in the way that we have so appreciated the music of others.”

Gauntlet Hair’s debut single is out soon on Forest Family Records.