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321 : Pipes

Whether you are cracking the head of Colonel Mustard or just hanging out with crackheads, Pipes come in handy. Fresh from recording this frantic mummy murder confession, the London trio talk skate videos, Tornados and buffering agents.

Pipes – How I Killed Your Mother [mp3]

Chris: “My friend Gary says that Pipes are ‘London’s tallest trio’. FACT.”

Luke: “Charlie, my friend said Pipes was “music to drive a stolen car to”, I’d like to think this is a fact.”

Luke: Despite what you may be thinking, Pipes are in no way inspired by PIPES, the renowned biochemical buffering agent.


Chris: “I immediately think about songs I’d like to do cover versions of. Therefore do not rule out a lo-fi hardcore attempt at the Terminator theme tune or Enola Gay by OMD in the future.”

OMD – Enola Gay

Luke: “When I think of songs I love, I think of skateboard video soundtracks. They introduced me to some amazing songs and bands. Highlights: The Faint – Agenda Suicide on the intro to an OnVideo and Modest Mouse – A Different City which was on Foundation’s Art Barrs.”

The Faint – Agenda Suicide

Tom: “Yeah, the soundtracks of certain 411 and Transworld videos have always stayed with me and I find myself returning to them a lot these days. They were an introduction to bands I still love, like Built To Spill – The Plan, Fugazi – Foreman’s Dog, and Black Flag – TV Party.”

Fugazi – Foreman’s Dog [mp3] [Buy]

Pipes: “A gig in the path of an oncoming F5 Tornado please. ”