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321 : Cough Cool

Dan Svizeny is our kind of dude. As Cough Cool he writes woozy songs for sweethearts and epic jams for the rest of us. This track is from a Woven Tones split with the amazing Wild Safari. After the jump Dan extols the many virtues of Ween.

Cough Cool – Flower Reading [mp3]

DS: “1. I was born in Princeton, NJ.

“2. I’m in a band called Nude Beach.

“3. Friends is my favorite TV show”


DS: “Ween’s Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World. Ween is my favorite band, The Pod is my favorite album, and this is my favorite song on it. I think they have played it live maybe once or twice…it’s kind of like their Bowie song. its fun to play on an acoustic guitar at a party for people who have no idea who Ween are. ”

Ween – Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World [mp3] [Buy]

“The Zombies’ Tell Her No. This song is perfect. I wish I could sing like this.”

The Zombies – Tell Her No

DS: “I want to attend the Bilderberg conference. I hear its a party. ”