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321 : Screaming Tea Party

Screaming Tea Party might be the most fun band ever, as proven by their amazing new cover of Material Girl (which you can stream below). They also might be killing megastars. “We will release a 7″ single in October,” explains the band’s Koichi Yamanoha. “One of the songs is about Michael Jackson. We recorded it and the next day he died!” Watch out, Madonna. Check out their lovely version of Bokutachi No Shippai at our NME blog. After the jump Koichi talks cars, Tornados and terrifying buttons.

Screaming Tea Party – Material Girl (Madonna cover)

Koichi Yamanoha: “We wants to make people happy through our gigs and recordings.

“2. Me and Nell have a serious button phobia and feel like throwing up on the sight of a plastic button. and I’m confident it’s not gonna change until the day we die.

“3. Once Niiyan pissed on my face when we are really drunk in the car. it was on the way back from Barmouth. I wonder why we drunk so much. I didn’t want to think about it but I need to tell people this, otherwise it’s too hellish.

KY: “I’ve been obsessed with a song called Telstar by The Tornados. The melody is tragically amazing, really eternal and spacey, beyond the joint of time. And something is really sad about it, but I don’t know what is it. This song even takes me back something I haven’t experienced yet. Joe Meek got such a cool world. He is the dude.”

The Tornados – Telstar

“A song called The Most! The Best! The Greatest! Forever! by BlackBlack. I love this song because it’s purely haunted and adventurous. It reminds me of the Goonies, or the day when I was in Junior High I punched my machoest classmate’s left ear in the sun. I hardly remember why but anyway he broke my two ribs afterwards. BlackBlack haven’t played for a while but I really hope they playing again. All of their stuff are great, they rock.”

BlackBlack – The Most! The Best! The Greatest! Forever! [mp3] [Buy]

KY: “I wish we have a big car. Can be a big white car. So we can travel and play anywhere.”

In September the band’s Material Girl cover will appear on a split-covers tape with Twin Lion, released by Sexbeat. Each band have covered three songs. Screaming Tea Party’s new single will follow in October.