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321 : Is Tropical

London trio Is Tropical wear masks. They are the kind of dudes who enlist a Mystery Jet to help them bash out a rampaging Fela Kuti cover. They also steal boats. After the jump they talk cocktails, Jim Morrison and sonic booms.

Is Tropical – Seasick Mutiny (demo) [mp3]

Is Tropical: “1. The cocktail screwdriver was invented by oilmen that used their tools to mix the drink.

“2. The pistol shrimp can do sonic boom cavitation bubbles that are as hot as the sun.

“3. King Philip III of Spain used to have a special aid that moved his chair,. one day he was sat too close to an open fire and the king refused to move from his chair untill his aid came to move him – he burnt to death.”


IT: “Brimful Of Asha by Cornershop. The best single released. Real catchy, with weird and wonderful lyrics.

Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha

“LA Woman by The Doors. 4.03 mins in is the best bit. Jim makes cool noises. ”

The Doors – LA Woman

IT: “New BMXs.”