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321 : Gary War

His songs may sound like urgent warnings delivered from a metal cloud at the bottom of the ocean, but Gary War is a romantic at heart. “Everynight is about being completely broke and not giving a fuck because as long as you have love, nothing else matters,” he told us. “It’s about wanting to be with that person every night.” What a sweetheart. Read more from him and grab his amazing Using at our NME blog or keep reading after the jump to hear about Meow Mix, Brandon Lee and Meat Whiplash.

Gary War – Everynight [mp3]

Gary War: “”1. The CS1x was Yamaha’s first Analog Emulation performance keyboard for electronic and dance musicians and was used by Underworld, Bushflange, Jamiroquai, Skylab2000, Somatic Responses, and David Bowie.

“2. An adult 10-14 pound cat should be given 1-1 1/2 cups of Meow Mix brand cat food per day, using a standard 8 oz measuring cup.

“3. Laser Mission is a 1990 action movie starring Brandon Lee and Ernest Borgnine. The film was also released under the title Soldier of Fortune.”


GW: “Two completely random songs that I love, which I will probably regret choosing, haha…

“Don’t Slip Up by Meat Whiplash (Creation Records 1985). I’ve played this 45 hundreds of times. I love the direct, no bullshit lyric: “you mustn’t slip up, there’s no time to lose now.” I get chills every time the guitar wails back in after the bass and drum break after the second chorus.

Meat Whiplash – Don’t Slip Up [mp3]

“The Slam by Damian and the Criterions (from the Avant Garde LP, 1982). A friend recently showed me this record and I blasted it for a year straight in headphones, causing noticeable damage to my hearing (right ear’s fucked now). On this tune, Damian enthusiastically explains how he’s gonna slam with the punks, push and shove in a friendly way, flash and flash in a jolly good way and slam and slam and slam. It a six minute tweak-damaged-alien-synth-disco-shitstorm of the highest quality.

Damian and the Criterions – The Slam [mp3]

GW: “I wish my neighbors would stop their blowing crack smoke at my window (seriously).”

Gary War has a 6 song 12″ ep called Horribles Parade out next month on Woodsist.