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321 : Teeth!!!

Over on our NME blog we compare Teeth!!! to a cheeseburger because they are awesome, satisfying and probably not that good for you. Here Simon from the band tells us about fungus, sneezing and “a bowl of dicks.”

Teeth!!! – If I Ever [mp3]

Teeth!!! – Detox Wigga [mp3]

Simon Leahy: “1. Scientists have found some fungus that can eat nuclear radiation and shit out good stuff so there is still hope after the nuclear holocaust.

“2. When you breath out it goes for 30metres. When you sneeze it travels 100 metres.

“3. I have YAY! tattooed on his leg.”


SL: “The White Horse Is Bucking by Erase Errata. This song is so fucking great. It’s a total power song. We went to the White Horse in Oakland which is what the song is about. It’s a fucked up dirty crazed gay bar. Erase Errata is soooo good, I love them for this song and the tweaky guitar sounds, it’s fucking awesome.”

Erase Errata – The White Horse Is Bucking [mp3]

SL: “Triple School’s Concecrated Bones. EAT A BOWL OF DICKS, LIAM LYNCH!!!”

Triple School – Concecrated Bones [mp3]

SL: “Seriously, world peece forever.”

TEETH!!! are playing YES WAY on the 29th of March, and Club Milk on 9th May. They are in the process of doing a split cassette with Thee Fair Ohs on Knife or Die, and another on Stop Scratching, with a release on Moshi Moshi Records in the near future. You can download TEETH!!!’s Free Willy EP and FREE JAMZ FOREVER EP from their myspace. Their DVD collaboration with Arran Ridley is available to buy at shows.