How to Make Custom Postage Stamps

Sending letters and cards with a custom postage stamp on the envelope adds a personal feel. Currently, the USPS partners with four different companies that allow you to upload your own photographs and graphics for use on the stamps. Each one operates slightly differently and some have graphics libraries where you can choose things like logos from your favorite teams.
Order custom stamps from Picture It Postage. Users can create customized postage in quantities up to 3,000. You can also choose a matching background to the photograph.

Order custom stamps from Photo Stamps, which offers free shipping and has a large selection of collegiate logos, mascots and professional sports teams. You can also use your own photograph.

Customize your postage stamps with Zazzle. The company offers an option for those who need fast stamps and ships within 48 hours of ordering. A number of postage sizes and denominations are available. You can either use your own photograph or choose one from their extensive image library.

Order custom stamps from Pitney Bowes. This company allows you to specialize text and color of the stamp borders. The company has no image library, but you can use any of your own digital photographs.

Regardless of the company you choose, you’ll need to create an online account. Doing this is slightly different with each business, with easy-to-follow instructions on each website.

Have your credit card ready to pay for the order.

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