Where Can I Buy Postage Stamps – 2017 Edition

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Are you looking to buy postage stamps? The most obvious place to purchase them and letter supplies would be your nearest post office. However, there are some areas where there are no post offices available, or they may be too busy to serve you adequately. They will be the best option if you have any questions/concerns as they would be the most equipped and knowledgeable. In addition to assistance, their selection of stamps and office supplies would be versatile and generous compared with most other retailers. Here are some of the top locations to buy stamps near you.

If you’re asking yourself who sells stamps, check out our list below.

1. Online Stores

We live in a digital age where technology allows us to purchase almost everything with a few clicks of a button. Stamps are no different. If you’re not in any rush and we suggest using Amazon’s online store. Not only is the shipping quick but their prices are also on par with regular stores. Furthermore, you can also purchase any other product from their vast catalog.

USA forever stamp

If you need to buy stamps, we suggest Amazon.

2. Walmart

Walmart has locations all across the country. Typically, they are open 24 hours, so you’ll be able to get your stamps day or night. They sell not just postage stamps but writing supplies, envelopes, and much more. They’re a great place to shop due to their super low prices and close to home locations.

walmart stamps

3. CVS

CVS does indeed sell postage stamps. They have an excellent selection and always up to date Forever stamps. CVS also sells pencils, pens, envelopes and other mail essentials. Some locations even have a built in post office so you can send your mail out right away.

cvs stamps

Before you go, be sure to check out their snack aisle and get yourself some goodies!

4. Walgreens

Walgreens is the most well known and visited pharmacies in the whole world. With locations all over the country, it’s very likely you have one within in a short driving distance. They do sell postage stamps and many other accessories such as writing utensils, snacks, and more.

walgreens stamps

You can check out their website here if you’d like to learn more.

5. Target

Target sells First Class postage stamps along with other mail accessories. However, they only sell them in 200 roll bundles which end up costing roughly $100. If you plan on doing a lot of mailing, then this is a viable option.

target stamps

6. Office Max

Office Max is an office supplies stores that sell postage stamps, envelopes, paper, pencils, and pens. You can find them in just about every commerce center throughout a city.

Their main competitors, Staples and Office Depot, also sells stamps for roughly for the same cost.

7. HEB

HEB is a popular Texas grocery store chain. Among many other items, they do sell postage stamps. You can typically find them in their office and art supplies area. If not, you can always ask a customer service representative or cashier to get a quick answer.

HEB stamps

HEB is known for excellent customer service, fast checkout, and budget friendly prices.

8. 711

Certain 711 locations sell stamps; however many do not. Depending on your state and the site of the 711 they may or may not have stamps available. We suggest trying other stores and only using them as a last resort or convenience location.

711 stamps

9. Banks

Most bank branches will have stamps for sale. Especially larger banks such as Well Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, and Chase. Only ask the teller, and they should have a roll with them. Giving you a convenient way to get your banking done at the same time as your mailing needs.

wells fargo stamps

10. Grocery Stores

Most large grocery chains sell stamps. Stores such as Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Costco, Stop & Shop, Harris Teeter, Meijer, and HEB all sell stamps as singles or rolls. Everyone occasionally goes to grocery stores making them one of the top locations for convenience.

costco stamps

This makes grocery stores one of the best places to buy stamps near you.

11. Catalogs

If you have the time and interest, you can order stamps from printed and online catalogs. There are brochures published by Stanley Gibbons, Scott, and Yvert et Tellier that print up to date lists and prices for people interested in a vast selection of stamps. This is an excellent way to get collectors stamps and learn more about their history. Furthermore, you can learn about the beginnings of our nation’s great postal service.

Where To Buy Stamps Near Me Locations

RetailerSelectionMore InformationStore Locator
AmazonVariedRead MoreClick Here
WalmartLimitedClick Here
CVSLimitedRead MoreClick Here
WalgreensLimitedRead MoreClick Here
TargetLimitedClick Here
Office MaxVariedClick Here
HEBLimitedClick Here
711Very LimitedClick Here
Well FargoLimitedClick Here
Grocery StoresLimitedClick Here
CatalogsVariedClick Here

Buy Stamps Near Me

Here is a map of locations you can buy stamps nearby.

Why Do We Need Postage Stamps?

Before phones and emails became mainstream, the U.S. would transfer valuable information or social messages via physical papers enclosed in envelopes. The post office will then transport the envelopes to their destinations. The postage stamp was an ingenious and easy to use an item to signify that the mailing fee was paid. The postage stamp typically shows a design portraying a national symbol or famous historical figures. Over time, more stamps have been designed to show pop stars or holiday spirit during the appropriate times.

The system behind the postage stamp is much more complex than people would think. As technology has improved, the post office can send letters via vehicles, trains, boats, and airplanes. Sending a message on a plane would be much faster than a ship or train. Thus the post office designed stamps with different price ranges to show which method was used. An aircraft delivery is typically treated as an overnight transportation and has a much higher rate than a vehicle or train stamp price. The customer pays more a faster delivery time.

These rules apply to the domestic transportation of letters. To send a message over international lines, the customer must buy a special postage stamp that permits international transport. The customer must only purchase the proper stamp and place it on the top left of the envelope to send the letter. For the post office, they see the type of stamp issued on the envelope and process it in the manner paid.

The postage stamp has a number on the stamp that indicates how much you have paid. Some stamps will cost more than others but will accommodate a heavier letter. The letters weight is one determining factor of the cost. If your message exceeds the standard 1 ounce of weight, you may need to put additional stamps or include a pricier stamp.

Snail Mail – Out With The Old

Nowadays this system is mostly referred to as snail mail. With the emergence of emailing and fax machines, snail mail is now seen to be obsolete. Technology has developed a method to transfer information instantly. No longer do people need to wait for a physical envelope to be shipped across the country. Although emails and fax machines have rendered snail mail obsolete, snail mail still has its uses. Most official forms of critical information from banks and government still use the paper trail as it is still considered to be most reliable.

As postage stamps and snail mail has started to phase out, many people have begun collecting stamps for collections and treat old stamps as cool novelty items. The postage stamps have changed immensely over the years and individuals can take a brief glimpse of the history of the United States by looking at how stamps have evolved over the many years the system has been in place. Stamp collecting is one of the most widely accepted and first public collection that people have made. Older out of date stamps are considered a rarity and can price up to 1.6 million dollars.

If you are looking for more interesting stamps or stamps from other countries, there are stamp catalogs available. There are plenty of directories that list the current stamp design and prices for many countries. You need only find the website or subscribe to the printed version to have access to them. Mostly these are intended for people or businesses needing to send letters in other countries or collectors.

The Different Types of Stamps

There are a few different kinds of stamps. Most notably are the First Class, Standard, Forever, and International.

First class stamps are stamps that are processed by the USPS on a priority list. These are letters that will be prepared and delivered in the advertised time based on location. If any error occurs during transit or if the receiving person moved, the post office will not charge you for the relocation.

Standard class stamps are considered “bulk mail.” These are letters with no guarantee on arrival date as they are processed on a time available basis. These can be delivered within three days or even up to one month. You should never use this type of mail if there is some deadline. They are considered unreliable on time, especially during the holiday season.

In 2007 the USPS created a new type of stamp called Forever Stamps. Forever stamps are considered First Class stamps where the postal rate does not matter. For example, if you buy a First Class stamp in 2015 at $0.46 and the price increased to $0.50 in 2017, you can still use the 2015 stamp to send your letter if it is within the weight limit.

International stamps are used to directly notify the post office that it will need to be leaving the country. Most of the difference in sending international mail is placed in the structure of letter formatting and possible custom forms needing to be filled instead of stamp usage.

How to use a postage stamp?

There are a few easy steps necessary to take to mail a letter correctly.

  1. You will want to choose the appropriate size of the envelope for your letter. A standard sized 8 ½ by 11- inch papers should be paired with a regular sized business envelope. You’ll want to may notecards in smaller envelopes.
  2. You will most likely need to fold the paper and then place it inside the envelope. You can seal the envelope by putting a little moisture on the edge.
  3. On the front side of the envelope, write the address of the recipient directly in the middle. Ensure to include the full address.
  4. In the top left of the envelope write in your return address. This is to ensure the envelope returns to you if some error occurs.
  5. Determine the weight of the letter you intend to send. If it exceeds 1oz., you may need to put additional stamps to match the fixed price.
  6. If you wish to send an International letter, you will need to write the full address written in the receiving countries address code. However, if the message exceeds a certain weight or you wish to send a package with the letter you may have to fill out a customs form for it to be shipped.
  7. After you complete the above steps, you should then deposit the letter in your mailbox with the flag erected. Or you could use a drop-off point near any post office. You do not need to consult with anyone if there is a proper stamp. You can also send letters through FedEx or UPS. The only drawback of going to these two groups is that you will have to go to the store to send items from them physically.
  8. You must properly place the stamp or it will be returned.

Below is an example of a properly formatted and completed envelope.

how to format a envelope

Video Tutorial On Proper Stamp Format

How much Does Sending A Letter Cost In 2017

The prices listed are for each individual stamp and not for bulk. The numbers are in USD. The prices of stamps are in constant flux as every few months the USPS updates the prices by increasing the cost of stamps to combat inflation. Furthermore, before you put your stamps on your letter, you may want to ensure the weight and current price.

  • First Class Mail letter 0.46-49
  • Postcard 0.34
  • First Class Mail flat 0.98
  • First Class Mail International Letter 1.15
  • Standard Rate is 0.26

Generally, for domestic mailing, the prices of stamps will see an increase of 2-4% in the year of 2017. Only postcard rates will remain the same at 34 cents for the entirety of 2017. The current plans for International shipping will not change.

Stores To Avoid

Here is a short list of a few different stores people think sell stamps. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Dollar General

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not sell postage stamps. However, you can purchase related supplies such as writing utensils and paper.

Where To Buy Postage Stamps

We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for in our article. We’ve tried to give a thorough and honest account of all the different major stores that sell postage material. If you know of any other retailers, please let us know via the contact us page.